This website does not supply identity information

So you’ve installed your SSL certificate and added a rewrite rule to ensure that anyone coming to your site comes in through HTTPS, not HTTP. (If you haven’t, there’s another post in the pipeline that you might want to read!). Everything seems OK, until you notice the little grey warning triangle in the address bar. […]

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WordPress isn’t Voodoo!

It’s a funny thing, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a simple, straightforward explanation of how WordPress actually works. It’s not that hard to find out, of course, if you’re a programmer or some sort of software geek, but otherwise it tends to be a case of, ‘If you want to achieve this result, […]

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Migrating Blog Posts

Have you noticed how it’s often the simplest things that cause the most problems? How the difficult stuff goes without a hitch, but then you get snagged on something that’s worked smoothly at least a hundred times before? Case in point. A friend of mine wanted to transfer the contents of one of his WordPress […]

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