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Plus ca change…

… plus c’est la m»áme chose. I hope so anyway, as I’m shortly going to be moving this site to a different server. If I get everything right the change-over should be seamless. In practice I expect I’ll miss something and the site may well be out of action for a little while. If so, […]

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An old WP bug

I’m testing on WordPress version 4.3.3. I know it’s out of date but my excuse is that I want at least some backwards compatibility. I’ll check this on an up-to-date version later. I was trying to use the function current_user_can() to control access to a dashboard widget in a plugin that I’m writing, but the […]

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Obson Plugin Update

I have at last found time to look into some of the problems a few people were having with the first trial version of the Obson Talkback plugin for WordPress. The plugin uses the WordPress wp_mail function, which in turn uses the PHP mail function. Unfortunately this can fall foul of restrictions imposed both by […]

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