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Internet Marketing 101

Important! We have temporarily suspended development of this plugin and disabled the links to it. We’re leavingĀ  the post in place, however, as a historical record. and may return to it later. Do you recognise this problem…? Before you can build your product you need a market. To create a market you must first have […]

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WP and Session Keys

Now here’s a strange one. Much has been written about using sessions in WordPress. Here for example. Simple, straightforward and to the point. And I was pretty sure I’d had it working just by putting session_start() at the top of my main plugin file. Not the best way, I suppose, so I took the advice […]

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WordPress REST API

REST, as you may know, stands for ‘Representational State Transfer’, but if you’re anything like me you probably have to look it up every time. There’s something disconcertingly cryptic about such phrases as Representational State Transfer, and I suspect many people would be hard-pressed to say exactly what it means. Still, WordPress’s announcement that it’s […]

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