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Changing Behaviour

We have seen how to create a very simple child theme — so simple in fact that all it changed is styling. Not that that’s unimportant. An astonishing amount can be accomplished just using CSS. But (apart, perhaps, from choosing whether to hide or display particular chunks of content, and where to display them) CSS […]

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Websites that really work

Perhaps it’s the time of the year, perhaps not, but I’ve recently been giving a lot of thought to what OBSON.NET is for. The posts so far have been exploring WordPress. As a software developer (and one who’s actually written a CMS that probably pre-dates WordPress!) I find it interesting. It’s a very neat solution […]

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More on Child Themes

In my last post I left a few things rather up in the air. We saw that to create a child theme we would have to create a new directory on the server and populate it with one or more files. If you haven’t done this sort of thing before you may be at a […]

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