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Surprising WP Fact #2

Although I didn’t realise at the time that it was going to look like the start of a theme, my last post turns out to be #1 in a series of Surprising Facts. I’m hoping #2, i.e. this one, will be the last. This Surprising Fact concerns WordPress. I don’t think it quite classes as […]

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WordPress REST API

REST, as you may know, stands for ‘Representational State Transfer’, but if you’re anything like me you probably have to look it up every time. There’s something disconcertingly cryptic about such phrases as Representational State Transfer, and I suspect many people would be hard-pressed to say exactly what it means. Still, WordPress’s announcement that it’s […]

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This website does not supply identity information

So you’ve installed your SSL certificate and added a rewrite rule to ensure that anyone coming to your site comes in through HTTPS, not HTTP. (If you haven’t, there’s another post in the pipeline that you might want to read!). Everything seems OK, until you notice the little grey warning triangle in the address bar. […]

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