C++ Economics Model

I’m going seriously off-topic today. In the unlikely event that you’ve looked at the About Obson page you’ll know that I’m quite interested in economics. In fact in 2015 I built a simple economic modelling system in C++, with a nice (I think) GUI using wxWidgets, in Code::Blocks. Although Code::Blocks is cross-platform I haven’t attempted to compile it in any OS apart from my main one — Linux (Ubuntu).

It’s incomplete, but it works pretty well as far as it goes, so I thought I’d put a copy of the source up on GitHub (https://github.com/Obson/SimX) in case anyone else is interested. There’s a little case study there as well (see the README for a link) in which it is used to explore some of the propositions of Modern Money Theory.

Feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions or thoughts.

Much later…

Since writing this I’ve tried to download the source from Github to a different computer. Total pain! I’m not (yet) a git expert and on my Ubuntu 12.04 system I’m using GitKraken. It’s a nice, albeit pre-beta, bit of software. However I can’t install GitKraken on the other (Ubuntu 14.04) PC because it’s for a 64-bit machine and the computer’s 32-bit. If you’re a command-line whiz with git, getting hold of the source won’t be a problem, but I ended up just downloading the zip file. You know where you are with a zip file!

Other notes
  1. If you want to use the source as it stands you’ll also have to install Code::Blocks and wxWidgets.
  2. And (important) set the compilation flag:
  3. I’ve now included the .wxs files that wxSmith uses to build the source for the GUI, since they are part of the project. However, you should not use wxSmith (or FormBuilder) as the generated code has been changed and you’ll lose the changes — which are essential! If you want to change the layout please do so by changing the source files directly, not the .wxs files. If I can remove these files safely I’ll do so, to avoid this risk. Not this week though!


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