Internet Marketing 101

Important! We have temporarily suspended development of this plugin and disabled the links to it. We’re leavingĀ  the post in place, however, as a historical record. and may return to it later.

Do you recognise this problem…?

  • Before you can build your product you need a market.
  • To create a market you must first have a product to sell.

Chicken and egg. Catch 22. The classic start-up dilemma for any online marketing business: where to start!

You can spend three months developing a product and then try to sell it. The odds are that will fall flat on its face. The world is littered with products that no-one wanted.

Or you can do the smart thing and find out what your blog visitor customer really wants. Here’s how…

  1. Get visitors to your blog.
  2. Get their email addresses.
  3. Ask them what they need.

End of Catch 22!

The Obson Talkback plugin


Our landing page

I’ve created a WordPress plugin that will find out what your visitors want. It’s called ‘Obson Talkback’ and it’s absolutely free! You install it, enter just a few details, press a button, and it adds a customer survey to your site.

In ten minutes you can be up and running, asking every visitor what they want. Then you simply use that information to create a product that people will actually buy, and you’re in business!

Get Obson Talkback for FREE by completing my short survey. (Which, of course, uses the plugin, so you can see it in action.) When you reach the end of the survey the plugin will be emailed to you automatically.

And pretty soon you’ll be in business.

Get it here!