Obson Plugin Update

I have at last found time to look into some of the problems a few people were having with the first trial version of the Obson Talkback plugin for WordPress.

The plugin uses the WordPress wp_mail function, which in turn uses the PHP mail function. Unfortunately this can fall foul of restrictions imposed both by the sender’s and the recipient’s servers.

One possible restriction is that the From address has to correspond to an actual mailbox. The From address in the plugin is now (from the latest update, 9 April 2016) the address of the webmaster (as set in the final Question of an Offer), so if that’s valid the From address will also be valid. I have also changed the ‘From name’ to ‘Survey’, which should seem more natural than ‘Obson’, but If you wish you can easily change it — just edit the obson_mail_name function in obson-talkback.php so it returns the name you want..

This may not be the end of your problems however. There are a great many checks of varying degrees of obscurity that can sneak up and bite you, and the only really safe way to send a mass emailing is probably to use a mailing service like Mailchimp or aWeber.

I’m planning to allow integration with mailing services at some point, but I’m not sure when that will be as I’m quite heavily committed at present.

See this post for more information or to get the plugin.