Websites that really work

Perhaps it’s the time of the year, perhaps not, but I’ve recently been giving a lot of thought to what OBSON.NET is for. The posts so far have been exploring WordPress. As a software developer (and one who’s actually written a CMS that probably pre-dates WordPress!) I find it interesting. It’s a very neat solution to the problem of creating websites without having to go back to first principles every time, while retaining the flexibility of hand-crafting. I have a lot of respect for it.

But how many people share my interest? Not too many, I suspect.

And this brings me to the key question: why do people build websites (or have them built) anyway? Not, generally, for the fun of it. For some people a website is merely a noticeboard, a convenient and accessible place to put information that other people are going to want to know about. A good example of this is Worcestershire Camera Club (to which I happen to belong). They have a really nice site, which club members can access if they’ve forgotten what’s on at the next meeting or if they want to be inspired by each other’s work!

At the other end of the scale are sites that are designed to make money. Sometimes straightforward shopping sites, using one of the many established e-commerce solutions, and sometimes selling through a more complex arrangement of blogs, free offers, webinars , etc. And, of course, there are others in between, but not, I suggest very many different types.

Whatever a website is for, its owners will hope that it will be successful, although they will define that success differently. My next few blogs will attempt to explore those differences, and perhaps offer some pointers to ways of defining and achieving their objectives.

What’s this got to with WordPress? Not a lot, apart from the obvious fact that WordPress can be one of the tools. Further down the line we’ll be looking at other tools, how they can be used in combination and in some cases integrated to make something that works as a whole.

No more posts until after Christmas…