What is Obson?

I’d better introduce myself. My name is David Brown. I’m a software developer (C++ mainly) of many years standing — you wouldn’t believe how many! My interests include music, economics, mathematics, photography, and peace (not necessarily in that order). I’ve also been a mathematics teacher and a technical writer.

I started Obson because I felt there was a need for clear explanations of some of the more arcane features of WordPress. Don’t get me wrong — there are some pretty good WordPress-related blogs out there already. But once you’ve got beyond the ‘WordPress for Dummies’ stage they can be a bit difficult to follow, daunting even. They’ll assume you know something — or that it’s obvious — when you don’t and it isn’t! Each time this happens the reader (i.e. you or me) gets a little more uncertain and a little less confident. In the end we ask a friend, call Support or give up.

I’d like to think Obson will become your friend. We’ve made a good start because you’re reading this, but time will tell. You’re more than welcome to let me know about any WordPress issues you’ve encountered, and if I can I’ll use them as blog topics. It will take a little while to build up a comprehensive selection, but that’s my objective. And do feel absolutely free to tell me what you like as well as what you don’t like about the blog. I don’t mind criticism, and your comments will help me to make it better.

My first post was about transferring blog posts from one WordPress site to another one. It was a bit on the long side, I now realise, but if it’s something you’ve wanted to do but haven’t got round to doing, do take a look. There might be some useful tips.

Welcome to Obson!